The St.Galler Startup Navigator teaches you how to systematically create your business. On the Startup Navigator website you could learn how to apply the Navigator to your own venture. Design startups that are better, faster, and more sustainable with the insights from entrepreneurship research and successful entrepreneurs.

What makes the Startup Navigator unique

4&20 Steps + 66 Tools

The Startup Navigator provides you with a step-by-step process on how to start a business. Over 66 tools and methods help you to grow your venture systematically.


The combination of evidence-based research and practical knowledge from leading entrepreneurs and industry experts maximizes your chances of success.

Data-driven decisions

We believe in data-driven decision making from the very beginning. The Startup Cockpit will help you to make early business judgments based on facts instead of believes.

Startup Navigator Handbook

The Startup Navigator Handbook is a practical book which builds on cutting-edge entrepreneurship research and best practices of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in Europe.

Learn how to apply the Startup Cockpit with detailed exercises to make sure that your business decisions are based on facts instead of opinions and believes.

What others say about the book

»Startups sollten zeigen können, welche Mechanismen ihrem Geschäftsmodell zugrunde liegen und wie sie diese aktiv verändern können. Wie das geht, zeigt der St.Galler Startup Navigator.«

Dr. Florian Heinemann, Gründer und Partner bei Project A, Berlin


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