On 17.01.2018 the Chair for Entrepreneurship celebrated the launch of the new book “Startup Navigator” by Dietmar Grichnik, Manuel Heß, Diego Probst, Torben Antretter and Britta Pukall at the Univerity of St. Gallen.

Dietmar Grichnik and Manuel Heß gave insights into the genesis of the tool and the book. The St.Galler Startup Navigator is an intuitive, step-by-step approach that guides you by 4&20 cornerstones to take data driven decisions, to build and understand your business’ neural system.

A big thank you was given to all the contributors along the way, who have attributed to the book’s development. Among them, the milani design agency, the publisher Frankfurter Allgemeine Buch and the protagonists with their companies’ portrait in the book.

Since this week the Startup Navigator is available in book stores and online. You can order your copy directly with the publisher here: https://fazbuch.de/produkt/startup-navigator/.

“There is magic in every beginning” and the Startup Navigator is your guide to turn this magic into succeeding rough waters and markets of your endeavour. We wish you a good start, a good read and most of all entrepreneurial success!