After you determined a problem which is worth solving, you now have to find a way to solve that problem. Think about solutions in general, not specific products. Jump back and forth to ask yourself: does my solution-approach really solve the problem? Is it a feasible solution to the problem?

Inspire with your solution

Your solution is the heart of your project and the starting point on which everything else will build up. Therefore, it is important at this point to proceed with care and lifeblood. Remember that a solution to a problem is always unique and exceptional, depending on which entrepreneur or team is taking on the solution.

»Just do it! I am founding a bank.«

Valentin Stalf, N26

Be precise

The important thing about this field in the Startup Navigator is to make an as precise statement as you think is needed to solve the problem in order to convert the pain points of the customer into Gains. Also think about the „tools“ through which this should happen: Do you build an online platform or an app? A web shop or SaaS (Software as a Service) model? Or do you develop a physical product that you then sell to the end customer? These considerations and questions are central to concretizing the solution model and have to be well thought out.

Everyone solves the problem differently

Remember, a solution to a problem is always unique and individual in nature, depending on which business owner or team is taking on the solution. Therefore, the execution of the solution is the central point and not the solution itself. Often, the execution lets you encounter another problem that is more promising for a startup than the original problem.

With the solution module we conclude the profiling part of the Startup Navigator. Learn more about the fifth module „solution“ of the Startup Navigator in the handbook.